Pearl's Pearl Foundation


Pearl’s Pearl Foundation, a non-profit foundation, was established after my mother’s unexpected death in March of 2018. It is truly impossible to limit the description of how she gave to her family, friends, church and community. I intended to find a way to honor my mother for all that she had done for countless others.

After my mother’s passing, a family friend started to call me Pearl’s Pearl. I knew I had to do something with that title! What better way to honor my mother than to help others in her honor!? Building Bridges Together, LLC was birthed out of wanting to help others and to give back to my community and abroad. One of the areas that I wanted to give back was to help parents and families in need. That very focus will be that of Pearl’s Pearl Foundation!

Grants will be provided through the foundation from donations. The provisions will go to the direct need of individuals or families that are in need of financial aid to maintain basic necessities for themselves, start a business, chase their dreams and more!

I often think of the struggles that I had being a single mom of three boys from divorce. The dreams I had for years of starting my own business but couldn’t afford to do so. The impact of working full time and being a full time parent, burning both ends of the candle to bring to life Building Bridges Together, LLC. The times where the financial struggles impacted the quality of life and my household environment. If I can prevent the dark times and hurdles for others, I will do just that!

Pearls are developed into the beautiful object they are through a unique process or journey, if you will, that is triggered by an object (i.e. grain of sand) that enters into the oyster between the mantle and shell. The mantle covers the irritant with layers of the same nacre substance that is used to create the shell. This process eventually results in a single pearl. This process is fitting for my mother, Pearl, as she took life’s trials, “irritants,” that entered her space and was able to react in such a way that something beautiful was the result. She carried herself as the beautiful woman that she was through her own trials to triumph.

If I can prevent the dark times and hurdles for others, I will do just that!

If you are interested in donating to Pearl’s Pearl Foundation, please click the Donate button or contact me at 724-320-2228!

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please click the link below and share your story!