Help is still available during Covid-19! You do NOT have to go through this alone!

Unfortunately, the first blog post since the new website was established in March, is regarding the tough times that we are all facing! People all around the world are suffering! They are feeling held hostage in their homes, worried about how they are going to pay for food or bills, struggling to explain to their children the current events of this world, attempting to process direct or indirect effects of grief with non-traditional ways of saying goodbye and trying to adapt to the new normal for however long that will exist. BBT is available to help in multiple ways!

✔Mental Health Support and Resources

✔Assistance through Pearl’s Pearl Foundation! GO to the Passion Projects tab to find out how!

✔BBT is focused on How To Cope with Grief! Join me in a private group through Facebook. Enter “Dealing with Grief: Healing Beyond Humanly Possible” into your Facebook search bar.

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