My Story


I am Tara Gandy,

Owner and therapist of Building Bridges Together, available "where you need me, when you need me." Since 2005, I’ve been committed to being the best at what I do, serving clients in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas by not just meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. If you are interested in nationwide counseling services, please contact me.

My Story

My life’s journey and major purpose have lead me to the amazing place of developing my dream of private practice. At the age of 18 years old, I discovered my gift and a major part of my purpose as I was a student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. I reluctantly entered the university as a Pharmacy Major in 1994. Within my first year, I went to my advisor and expressed my unhappiness and he asked me, “Well, what do you want to do?” I replied, “I want to help people.” I changed majors to accommodate my passion and graduated with a Bachelors of Art Degree in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology.

I went on to start my family life and later pursued my graduate degree. I graduated in 2005 from Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA with a degree in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Couples and Family Therapy.

I have been active in the social services field since 1994 from volunteering to employment, working with children, families and communities. I began working in the Drug and Alcohol field as a therapist in 2006. For 11 years, I was a Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol therapist at an outpatient treatment facility. I conducted all of our family and couples sessions and provided services in three local school districts.

My passion and mission is to empower and inspire human beings, both near and far, to not just endure life but to enjoy life, achieve their goals, heal emotionally, have healthy social, work and intimate relationships all while doing so on a broad base of empowerment.

I have dedicated my life to helping others, empowering them through various therapy and God-centered practices that reduce general mental health symptoms (anxiety, depression, grief and loss, self-esteem) and  loved ones impacted by their friend or family member's substance addiction.